Beer Review: Wormtown Be Hoppy IPA


Glad to be finally getting a review of this beer up on the blog as it is one of my go to beers when visiting friends in central Massachusetts. Wormtown has gained some notoriety off the back of this beer and it is especially accessible now that it is offered in cans. Be Hoppy comes in at 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: Clear golden yellow color with a nice 1 finger head. Good retention and great lacing. Love the new 16oz cans.

Nose: Pine, resin, grapefruit. Especially big on the pine and resin notes as a west coast style should be. Floral, earthy and grassy as well. Citrus comes through on the backend of the nose.

Taste/Mouth: Slightly citrus, lemon and grapefruit. The floral, pine and earthy notes all come through from the nose as well. Bitter and hoppy but not palate crushing. Nicely done west coast style. Finishes dry and bitter but also crisp and clean. Makes for an easy to drink IPA.

Price/Availability: 4 pack of 16oz cans for $10 in Worcester.

Overall: Who says if your a brewery in NE you have to brew only NE style juice bomb IPAs? Be Hoppy is a great east coast take on a west coast style IPA. Easily can put down a few of these and not get tired of it. I gotta say its refreshing to just have a nicely well executed west coast style IPA after drinking all the juice bombs in NE. This is a solid go to if you are in the central MA and wanna drink a nice local IPA.

Grade: B+

Beer Review: Jack’s Abby Mass Rising Double IPL


Been trying to get my hands on as much Jack’s Abby beers as I can┬áand thanks to their new found distribution to NY it has made things a lot easier. This is the first Jack’s Abby beer I am going to be writing a review on but there will certainly be more to follow shortly. Mass Rising is Jacks Double India Pale Lager and recently won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest 2013 in the category “Other Strong Beer”. Note this is a Double IPL not a Double IPA as Jacks Abby is a strictly lager brewery. Mass Rising comes in at 8% ABV and 100 IBUs.

Appearance: Poured from a 12oz bottle producing a nice 2 finger creamy white head. The beer is a really nice light orange almost golden color that is very hazy as Jacks Abby doesn’t filter any of their beers as far as I know. Really great lacing as I drank this one down.

Nose: Nice strong nose packed right up front with citrus, tropical fruit and some pine/resin. The fruits really are dominant in this though with lots of pineapple and mango notes coming out. They use seven different hop varieties in this one and it really pays off cause the nose is really incredible.

Taste/Mouth: Right off the bat despite the 100 IBU this one is extremely well balanced. It has a nice bite but isn’t overwhelmingly bitter, you get good pine and citrus fruits in the taste carrying over from the nose. It is a really light, crisp, refreshing and very drinkable beer. Jack is doing something really right with these hoppy lagers.

Price/Availability: Seems as though the availability of Jacks beers is getting better as I now see them in NY quite a bit. As far as I know your really only gonna find them in the Northeast as of now. The price is reasonable as well. I like that most of their beers are bottled in the Maine beer 1 pint .9oz bottles and are priced around 4$.

Overall: Really loved this one from Jacks Abby. I have to say its a little low abv to be considered a “double” even if it is a Double IPL. Maybe should have just called it an Imperial IPL. Either way Jack is killing it lately and everything I have had by them┬árecently has been outstanding and I will continue to seek out as much Jacks Abby beers as I can. If you find this one do not hesitate, definitely pick up a four pack of it or two!

Grade: A