Beer Review: Stone Ruinten Double IPA



Finally getting around to posting this review. Another year of celebrating the release of Stone’s Ruination Double IPA with the annual release of Stone’s Ruinten Double IPA. First released in 2012 to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Ruination they liked it so much they decided to make it an every year event! Seems like an insane idea right? To somehow try to make Ruination an even bigger beer than it already is, but if anyone could do it Stone can and they have done it. “A stage dive into a mosh pit of hops” as they put it. Ruinten comes in at 10.8% and 110 IBUs.

Appearance: Pours a copper orange color and a nice 1 finger head which produces some good lacing.

Nose: Sooo big. Huge grapefruit, pine and resin right off the bat. Like sticking your nose in a hop pellet. You get some nice fresh orange and citrus as well. You get a little of the alcohol in the back end as well. As usual Stone nails the hop additions.

Taste/Mouth: Really nice full mouth, feels creamy and silky. Comes in with huge bitterness, orange, resin and pine carrying over from the nose. Some heat in the back which is to be expected from the ABV but is paired nicely with a bitter and slightly dry finish and some biscuit and cracker malt notes. After a few sips your palate has been delightfully crushed.

Availability/Price: Available once a year for the anniversary and the price on Stone bombers is always really good.

Overall: I love Ruination it is definitely one of the first Double IPAs I fell in love with so I am happy to celebrate its anniversary every year by purchasing Ruinten. Doesn’t hurt than Ruinten itself is a really great Double IPA. Way to go Stone you have done it again. Happy anniversary again and again!

Grade: A