Beer Review: Reformation Atlas Redeemed IPA


I got this beer as an extra in a trade with a buddy of mine back on the east coast. Reformation is out of Georgia and Atlas is a Rye IPA. If you read this blog you know I am a huge fan of rye beers so I was excited this was an extra. Atlas Redeemed IPA comes in at 6.8% ABV.

Appearance: 1/2 finger white head with a copper color. Very slight haze, sticky nice lacing and some active carbonation.

Nose: Spicy, rye, molasses, brown sugar. Pine, resin, floral and some citrus notes as well. You can pick up some garlic, sweet malt and caramel.

Taste/Mouth: Spicy rye flavors, some big caramel flavors, burnt sugar and vanilla. Herbal, earthy, spicy hop flavors help to balance out the decent bit of bitterness and plays off the rye nicely. Malt forward I’d say with the rye coming big and hops playing off both. Finishes malty and smooth.

Price/Availability: A 6 pack of these is around $11, I got it in a trade.

Overall: An interesting beer for sure. I love rye beers and was surprised to find out this was a rye IPA as it is not mentioned on the can at all. I would have liked for it to feel more like an IPA, the nose is kind of lacking and it is definitely more malt forward than hop forward for an IPA. It is an okay beer, I would have it again if it was available and would be interested to have it on draft. I would not seek it out though. I’d be open to checking out more from Atlas, nice to see some more coming out of the south.

Grade: B-

Beer Review: Barrier Hop Damn! Double Rye IPA


I have been dying to get my hands on this beer for so long! Barrier Brewing’s collaboration with one of my favorite bands of all time in Every Time I Die. They teamed up to create a Double Rye IPA and named it in honor of the bands seminal album Hot Damn! A lot of breweries have been doing collabs with bands, some are pretty forgettable. Hop Damn! comes in at 7.5% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy glowing amber color, really a nice looking beer. 1 finger head with a soapy head and decent lacing. Great art.

Nose: Spicy, peppery, rye, caramel malt and grapefruit up front with the spicy and peppery notes being the most pungent. Citrus, pineapple and onion come through as well.

Taste/Mouth: Spicy rye bite right off the bat with a juicy citrus and tropical fruit hoppiness coming through as well. Somewhat sweet with moderate bitterness and carbonation. Not really an IPA more of a hoppy rye amber I would say. I am very partial to rye beers and the rye in this is nice and lends some nice flavor to the overall product.

Price/Availability: It is a rotating beer and a bottle is around $9.

Overall: I obviously just needed this beer and I needed to do a review on it as Barrier collaborated with one of my favorite bands of all time in Every Time I Die. I am also a huge fan of rye beers in general, so all that being said the beer was good, not great but it was a well put together beer. The rye and spicy hop notes are pleasant on the nose and are responsible for some nice flavors coming through as well. I would grab it again at some point if the opportunity arises, hopefully it will be at an Every Time I Die show, that would be ideal. Shinfo.

Grade: B

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Oskar Blues Canfusion Rye Bock



Have a lot of reviews to catch up on and I will start by finishing the remainder of the Beer Camp Across America beers. I drank all of these when I bought the pack over a month ago now and made my notes then so keep in mind I did drink these pretty fresh, I am not just now drinking them. Up next is the Oskar Blues collaboration, Canfusion a rye bock. This was definitely one of the beers that intrigued me more than some of the others since it was different, in a can and had rye in it (I love rye beers). Canfusion comes in at 7.2% ABV and 45 IBUs (lot of beers in the pack had 45 IBU).

Appearance: Copper amber color with a 2 finger head producing some really nice lacing down the glass. The head was thick and creamy, good clarity in this one too. Glad they canned it in the spirit of collabing with Oskar Blues.

Nose: Clean fruity lager yeast up front with a good dose of rye spiciness. Malt sweetness and caramel is noticeable as well but mostly the lager yeast and rye.

Taste/Mouth: Spicy rye with a good bite from the rye and some hoppy bittnerness as well. Finishes the same way with rye and bitterness. Nice malty beer all the way through with great spicy notes, pepper and citrus hops as well. Nice medium carb and body on it makes it very drinkable yet still pretty complex.

Price/Availability: One time only collab, same as the rest of the pack.

Overall: Really drinkable rye lager, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good unique updated Americanized version of the classic Bock. Nice to see they decided to do something fun and different with their collaboration. This is one of the six better beers in the pack. I am a huge rye beer person and would definitely have this again if it was made available.

Grade: B+

Beer Review: Jack’s Abby Session Rye IPL



Back with another Jack’s Abby beer and one I was quite excited for at that, their Session Rye IPL. This hit on multiple levels since I love Rye beers, I love Sessions IPA(L)s and I have been loving pretty much everything Jack lately. This is a May release from the Mass brewery and I did drink this a week or two ago so it was still pretty decently fresh. It is hopped with Centennial, Chinook, Columbus and Crystal hops. The Session Rye IPL comes in at 3.8% ABV and 40 IBUs.

Appearance: Slightly hazy and is a deep golden copper color. Poured about a 1 finger head and produced some decent lacing.

Nose: Very spicy smell probably split between rye spiciness and spiciness from the hop varieties used. Lot of floral and earthy hoppy notes as well. You can pick up some malt sweetness in the nose too and some caramel in the back.

Taste/Mouth: Huge taste for a 3.8% beer. Nice spicy rye flavors with a decent hop bite. Some earthy hop flavors as well. Has a really dry finish, the finish is a little rough. Nice job getting the rye flavors to come through. Pretty moderate mouthfeel.

Availability/Price: Good on both as usual in NY now for Jack beers. Bottle was right around $4. This is a seasonal release for May I believe.

Overall: This is a pretty unique offering, as many of Jack’s beers are. Coming in at just 3.8% this one packs quite a bit of flavor in their but it is a bit of a mess of flavors at points. The finish of this is a little rough as well especially if this is supposed to be sessioned. I like the idea of this one on paper but the execution may have been just a little off.

Grade: B-


Beer Review: Green Flash Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA


A while ago I posted about the release of Road Warrior, Green Flash’s new Imperial Rye IPA paying homage to their traveling sales team. Well now I have had it and I have a review of it for you. Brewed with Columbus, Mosaic and Amarillo hops and Spicy Rye and Crystal Malt this is right up my alley. I am always wary of buying Green Flash beers as they tend to sit on shelves and it’s hard to find really fresh ones but since this was just released I knew it was decently fresh. Road Warrior comes in at 9% ABV and 80 IBUs.

Appearance: Deep reddish, amber color with a 1 finger head. Definitely filtered despite its darker color it has nice clarity. Nice new Green Flash bottles and label design too. Has a spot for Enjoy By date but nothing there, not cool.

Nose: Spicy, tropical fruitiness and pine dominant up front. You get a really nice spicy aroma from the rye which pairs great with the piney and spicy aroma from the hops. Great hop presence too from the nice three hops in this one columbus, mosaic and amarillo.

Taste/Mouth: Love a good spicy rye IPA. Piney and citrus hop presence dominant as well. Very smooth don’t get really any heat from the 9% ABV. Great balance of malt with the spice from the rye and bitterness of the hops. Very drinkable despite high ABV and IBU.

Availability/Price: Bought a single bottle for ~$3, as usual Green Flash 4 packs are a little pricey but available pretty much everywhere. I always question the freshness of Green Flash beers especially when, like this one, it has no bottling date or enjoy by date.

Overall: A really, really great offering from Green Flash. I am a huge rye beer fan especially Rye IPAs so this one was right up my alley. Would love to have this one on draft soon but if I can find some more fresh bottles I would probably shell out the extra money and buy a four pack of it.

Grade: A