Beer Review: Sierra Nevada/Asheville Brewer’s Alliance Tater Ridge Scottish Ale



Moving forward with my reviews of the Beer Camp Across America 12 pack I have the collaboration between the Asheville Brewers Alliance and Sierra, Tater Ridge, a Scottish Ale brewed with sweet potatoes. Speaking honestly this was one of the beers in the pack I was least excited about for a few reasons. First I don’t know much about the Asheville Brewers Alliance in comparison to a lot of the other collaborators. Second, while I do enjoy Scottish Ales they were not the type of beer I really wanted to see in this pack. Finally third I really don’t like gimmicky beers (ie. most of Dogfish Head’s beers with random stuff thrown in them) so seeing this had sweet potatoes randomly tossed into it made me a little weary. Well let’s get into it shall we. Tater Ridge comes in at &% ABV and 35 IBUs.

Appearance: Very dark red/purple or light brown perhaps depending on how the light hits it. Small 1/2 finger head but some pretty decent lacing. NIce clarity on this beer as well, suppose they had to filer or there could be chunks of sweet potatoes floating around.

Nose: Roasted malt, coffee, toffee and some nice earthy notes as well. Not a terribly big nose on this beer though, was trying to pick out some sweet potato in their but couldn’t really get any.

Taste/Mouth: Really clean mouth on this one, low to medium carbonation. Some coffee and toffee flavors carrying over nicely from the nose. I think what the sweet potatoes lend to this beer mostly come in the form of body. I think they really help to give this beer a really nice full, thick mouthfeel and body. It is a nice malty beer and certainly very easy to drink.

Price/Availability: As with all of the Beer Camp Collabs this is a one time only deal. Price of 12 pack was around $28.

Overall: I will say this beer definitely exceeded my expectations I had for it, while I am still bummed it wasn’t replaced by a more innovative style I can’t say I didn’t enjoy drinking it. Not sure how much the sweet potatoes really add past giving it a little more body. This is definitely a beer in the pack that will not receive very much attention but it was a well brewed, extremely drinkable Scottish Ale. Somewhere in the middle of the group as far as ranking in the pack.

Grade: B+

Beer Review: Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt Scottish Export



A little something different from Thirsty Dog in this review with their Scottish Export Ale, Twisted Kilt. Thirsty Dog has been definitely gaining some popularity and notoriety with releases like Wulver and Citra Dog. Saw this one pretty fresh at my local shop recently so I decided to give it a go since I have enjoyed some of their other stuff so much and I have been trying to broaden my horizons a bit and review more styles. Twisted Kilt comes in at 5.2% ABV and IBUs are not listed.

Appearance: Dark brown almost black. Good clarity and when put up to light you can see through it. Nice 1 and a half finger head which produced some really nice lacing as well.

Nose: Huge roasty malt nose up front. Get some coffee, bread, brown and caramelized sugars as well. Smells like a straight malt bomb.

Taste/Mouth: Malt bomb for sure. Some nice candied sugar notes, vanilla, caramel and a little spicy as well. Roasted malt carries over from nose big time and you get some nice dark fruit notes as well. Finishes nice and leaves a sugary taste in your mouth, has a very full creamy mouthfeel as well.

Availability/Price: Rotating availability and Thirsty Dog is well distributed to NY and the price was around $2 for a single 12 oz.

Overall: This was an enjoyable, drinkable malt forward beer from Thirsty Dog. Maybe not the most exciting style but nice to see classic styles being brewed by American craft breweries. Definitely a style I don’t normally purchase but I am glad I gave this one a shot cause it was a great representation style wise and was enjoyable to drink.

Grade: B