Beer Review: Other Half & Holy Mountain By and By


Managed to get some more stuff from Other Half from my friend back East in one of our recent trades. This is Other Half’s collab with Holy Mountain out of Seattle called By and By, it is a Brett IPA and comes in at 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: Huge fluffy 3 finger head. Milky, hazy golden orange color with lots of active carbonation. It retains the head for a while and then settles in to a thick layer with sticky lacing.

Nose: Fruity, yeasty aroma with pear and green apple. Smells a little Belgian-esque at first but the Brett is definitely present and you can pick it up as you dive deeper into it. Peach, pineapple and fruit punch aromas are very present as well.

Taste/Mouth: Just slightly tart with some pineapple, lemon, orange zest and lots of floral hop aromas. Some bready and yeasty flavors as well. It feels very carbonated. The mouthfeel is kind of harsh and the amount of carbonation kind of takes away from the flavor of the beer. You get some heat and it finishes really super clean.

Price/Availability: As far as I know this beer has only beer brewed one time, I got it in a trade.

Overall: This beer kind of locked in my feelings toward Brett IPAs, I am just not a huge fan. I had heard only great things about this beer and was obviously super excited to try it. Even with my doubts after having some Brett IPAs in the past that I didn’t love, I went in with an open mind. I found parts of this beer I really loved but it felt slightly overcarbonated and despite having some really nice pineapple and floral flavors it was harsh on the palate and felt hard to drink at times. I am glad I had it but I don’t think I need it again.

Grade: B-

Beer Review: De Proef/Hair of the Dog Flanders Fred


Was thrilled to stumble across this in the international section at Binnys as Hair of the Dog is one of my favorite breweries and I don’t get to drink their beer nearly enough. Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog collaborated with De Proef as part of their Brewmaster’s Collaboration series to make this beer, Flanders Fred. It is the first time the series has featured a blend, pairing Hair of the Dogs infamous Fred with a Flanders Lambic from De Proef. Flanders Fred comes in at 7.5% ABV,

Appearance: Cloudy deep golden orange color with a small head that dissipates quickly. Super sticky lacing as you drink.

Nose: Smells tart with some funky fruit and lambic yeast notes. Some nice dark fruit and spicy notes as well.

Taste/Mouth: Nice sparkling, clean and mineral feel to it. Some nice fruit notes, sour and tart but not overbearing. Wheat and salty brine flavors come through with a nice counterbalance of malt and vinegar. Cherry and raspberry flavors come through as well. Finishes clean.

Price/Availability: Re-release of a collaboration beer so not available everywhere but certainly found in places where Hair of the Dog normally is not. $12 for the bomber which is a solid price.

Overall: Really happy to have found this beer as I normally don’t frequent the imports and international aisle. Awesome beer all around and one I very much enjoyed drinking. Who knows if it will be released again at any point in the future but if it is I would certainly buy it again. Drinking this really made me want to get back out to Portland and drink some Fred!


Beer Review: Duchesse De Bourgogne


Duchesse De Bourgogne was my intro to sour beers and has since been a beer I often purchase at the store from time to time and enjoy quite a bit. Happy to be finally getting around to writing a review for it!

Appearance: Deep brown with active carbonation and a small sticky head. Really a nice looking beer, love the classic label too, truly a work of art.

Nose: Acetic, vinegar and sour notes right up front. Gets your glands salivating. Some nice apple, fruit, wine and oak aromas make for a real deep complex nose. The aroma makes you really want to start drinking this one.

Taste/Mouth: Cherry right up front with some hints of wine and fruit. Some lime flavors with bready malt notes to balance out the sourness. You get the oak notes from the nose up front as well. Of course the vinegar, acid and sour notes come through big here too but not overwhelming, very pleasant. Really complex beer all around and finishes clean.

Price/Availability: Around $12 and pretty good availability all around the US. Great pricing for the quality.

Overall: Amazing example of a flanders red, truly one of the classics. This is a great beer to introduce people to sours, its not overwhelming but displays incredible complex notes of a classic style. Could drink this one on a regular basis.

Grade: A

Beer Review: Westbrook’s Gose



Westbrook Brewing is quicly becoming one of my favorite east coast breweries, their IPA being one of my go to IPAs and everything I have been trying by them has been great. Added bonus? Well the cans of course! Today I have my review of their sour, salty and delicious Gose. It is their take on a classic German style sour wheat beer. A style that was once nearly extinct has been seeing some daylight thanks to the adventurous nature of American craft brewers. Westbrook’s Gose comes in at 4% ABV and a whopping 5 IBUs.

Appearance: Little hazy golden orange with a small white head that is gone quickly. Lots of carbonation bubbles moving in the glass as well. As usual absolutely love the cans and the can artwork.

Nose: Salt, salt water, the ocean and sour candy. Lemon, lime and wheat are on the nose as well. Can almost feel your glands salivating when your smelling this.

Taste/Mouth: Sour, salty and sweet all at the same time. Acidic as well like white vinegar. Wheat, lemon and maltiness on the back-end with some sourness finishing it out. Finishes dry and sour; immediately want to take another sip of this strange, delicious and complex beer. Really unlike any beer I have ever had, really any beverage I have had in my life.

Availability/Price: Rotating offering from Westbrook who always keep their prices very reasonable for 6 packs.

Overall: So unique! Really love it. While drinking it I kept thinking to myself this doesn’t seem like something you should enjoy really but it really is so refreshing and delicious. Makes you want to keep drinking it. I have to say though I am glad I split the six pack with a friend because I have to say drinking six of these sounds like a bit much. Not an everyday beer but definitely one I will gladly drink again in the future! Well done Westbrook.

Grade: A-