Beer Review: Spiteful Disheveled Dave Double IPA


More Spiteful Double IPAs, cause why not right? This time the topic is Dave, a guy who needs to get his shit together. Everyone knows a few Daves. Disheveled Dave comes in at 9% ABV.

Appearance: Straw/golden yellow with a slight haze. 1 finger head which dissipates quickly and not a ton of lacing.

Nose: Not a huge nose on this one. Some citrus, subtle notes of orange, lime and tangerine.

Taste/Mouth: What this beer lacks in the aroma department it more than makes up for in taste. Packed with huge citrus orange, mango and pine hop flavors. Nice amount of bitterness with a strong malt backbone. Feels and finishes pretty light considering the ABV and is extremely drinkable.

Price/Availability: Another rotating beer in the “People” double IPA series (they like to name beers after people).

Overall: This beer is a little different than most of the other Spiteful Double IPAs I have reviewed. It is still a super solid DIPA, very drinkable and huge in the flavor department. The guys at Spiteful really know whats up cause I have yet to have anything even mediocre from them and this is another great offering.

Grade: B+

Beer Review: Spiteful Networking is for Wieners Double IPA


Another installment in Spiteful Brewing’s Wiener series this is Networking is for Wieners, a Double IPA brewed with passion fruit. I have been super impressed with Spiteful lately and am always happy to pick up their latest beers, and I am usually happy that I did! Networking is for Wieners comes in at 9.2% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy light copper color with a 1 finger head. Solid lacing. Great label art.

Nose: Big tropical fruit nose. Lots of passion fruit, mango, pineapple and some citrus. The passion fruit comes through nicely and complements the fruity hop characteristics of the nose really well. The nose of this beer is super dank, a highlight for sure.

Taste/Mouth: Great fruity hop notes just like the nose. Dank and sticky fruit flavors with great passion fruit accents which make for a super drinkable tasty Double IPA. Alcohol is well masked and it finishes sticky but super clean. One of the better tasting doubles with a fruit addition I have had for sure.

Price/Availability: Around $7 for a bomber and I grabbed it the first time it was brewed but it will be a rotating beer.

Overall: A really great offering here from Spiteful and the Wiener series. This may be the highlight of the series thus far. Really great use of a fruit addition in the passion fruit (I don’t say that often), it isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t make the beer too sweet or syrupy it really helps to accent the hop flavors and make for an enjoyable drinking experience. Dank tropical fruit nose and a taste that follows closely, yes please.

Grade: A

Beer Review: Spiteful P.A.C. Forever Double IPA


Spiteful Double IPA in a bomber, sign me up. I have been grabbing every hoppy beer I see from these guys lately as they are really on fire. This beer, P.A.C. Forever has been brewed in the past as a few different styles; an English IPA, a Hefeweizen, a Double ESB and now a Double IPA. P.A.C. by the way stands for People against Colin. P.A.C. Forever comes in at 9.1% ABV.

Appearance:  Hazy and a really light golden yellow color with a small head that dissipates quickly. This beer has really great lacing.

Nose: Super resiny and lots of tropical fruit at the forefront. Lots of mango, pineapple, citrus fruits but with a nice herbal and earthy characteristic to the nose as well. Definitely has some New Zealand hops in there, totally getting that vibe from this beer. Really nice nose.

Taste/Mouth: Pretty crushable for a 9%er and the taste follows the nose with some earthy and herbal flavors. That resin carries over as well, the mouth finishes with some crushing bitterness that lingers a bit on your palate. This beer drinks as if it had half the ABV it actually does, the bitterness helps but it also has an immense amount of flavor.

Price/Availability: Brewed once and $9 a bomber so the pricepoint is pretty solid. Spiteful have pretty great availability throughout Chicago.

Overall: Another solid Double IPA from Spiteful who continue to expand their catalog of quality releases. If this were to be brewed again I would certainly purchase it again, if not I will keep my eyes peeled for the next big hoppy beer that Spiteful come out with.

Grade: B+

Beer Review: Spiteful Group Texts are for Wieners Double IPA


Spiteful are probably my favorite Chicago brewery at the moment. These guys are currently expanding to a larger space and I can’t wait to get my hands on more beer from them. Group Texts are for Wieners is a double IPA and part of a mini series of “Wiener” beers (Selfies, Networking, etc). Group Texts are for Wieners comes in at 7.7% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy golden color with a small 1/2 finger head which dissipates quickly, pretty decent lacing down the glass.

Nose: Really big tropical fruit nose. I get mango, pineapple, sweet fruit juice and some earthy/flowery notes as well. Fruit definitely dominates the nose though and is pretty dank and juicy.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose with big, juicy tropical fruit flavors. Nice amount of bitterness and absolutely no hint of the alcohol. Good wheat and malt backbone to balance and another dimension to the flavor of this beer. Super drinkable and juicy.

Price/Availability: Chicago available is good, this is a rotating beer from Spiteful and about $8 for a bomber so the price point is solid.

Overall: Pretty amazing Double IPA from Spiteful here who continue to impress me with their beers, especially the hoppy ones. I loved Selfies are for Wieners as well, so this little series is pretty impressive.  I will keep my eye out for this one in the future and always have my eyes peeled for Spiteful bombers at the store, I recommend you do the same.

Grade: A

Beer Review: Spiteful God Damn Pigeon Porter


Finally got around to trying this beer out from Chicago’s own, Spiteful Brewing. Always see Spiteful beers at the store just never got around to trying them but I am getting around to it. Figured I would start out with their God Damn Pigeon Porter, partly due to the fact I like the name so much. God Damn Pigeon Porter comes in at 8.2% ABV.

Appearance: Pretty pitch black with a 1 and 1/2 finger dark frothy head and some really nice lacing. Love the can art.

Nose: Roasted malt, smoky balanced out nicely by some earthy hop notes coming through, this one gets a nice treatment of Simcoe late in the boil from what I’ve read. Big on roasted malt notes and chocolate as well. Pretty nice deep nose.

Taste/Mouth: Follows the nose closely with big roasty malt and smoky flavors coming through first. Nice amount of hop bitterness in there to balance it out. Good full mouthfeel with a nice chocolate finish.

Price/Availability: 4 pack runs about $10 and its very available in Chicago.

Overall: A great drinkable go to local porter, would definitely buy it again or order it on draft if I saw it. Definitely would grab a 4 pack of this if I was craving a crushable dark beer.

Grade: B+